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Consignment sales  - made easy!

Let us help take the stress out of selling your RV and get you top dollar for your vehicle. All we ask is that you fill in the blanks below & we will do the rest.

We will research your RV and provide a fair valuation based on the details given. The next step is to get the RV listed and begin marketing it in multiple venues. The last step is the easiest... that's you picking up the cheque!

Why sell through us? What's our advantage?

  • We have sold hundreds of RV's
  • We are eager to take trade-ins of all kinds
  • We provide on-site bank financing
  • We provide inspection services to promote buyer confidence
  • We provide "Used RV Warranty" at no cost to you
  • We get prospective buyers to come to our lot - not to your home

We pay cash for RV'S

 Looking to sell your RV today? Need cash now? Fill in the blanks below and we will contact you with the details of a proposal.

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